And now my watch begins…

19 Nov Brace yourselves...

***Wedding redux*** 

November is nearly half, more than half, just over half-way over. Which means it is almost December. Which means that typical one year of wedding planning that is the norm for most engaged couples will soon be upon us and the idyllically long engagement of laziness and vague non-threatening planning will soon be at a close. Things are starting to get real…really real.

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Ode to Rory Williams

18 Sep Rory Williams is dapper

**Wedding redux**

Yes, it has been a good chunk of months since my last post and while most of that time has been dominated by being busy at work, stressing about the unknown future, and generally being hot as balls here in L.A., I am happy to report that a good (little) bit of progress has been made with regard to actual wedding planning! Kind of.

First, we are in the midst of planning for and setting up our engagement shoot, to tentatively take place this coming November. Secondly, we may have just settled on the biggest bit of all: a venue and a wedding day. Oof! After a lot of back and forth (both in terms of long-winded discussions and in terms of criss-crossing the map and not being able to make up our minds about where to go) we came back to where we started. We’re back with an old friend.

Through all this, I have felt a bit funny. A bit…not bride-like. To be fair, I’m not exactly sure what a bride is supposed to feel like, but then again, I could very well be doing everything completely wrong. Or not. Who knows.

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One Word

22 Apr Gold Yarra Valley Wedding


This bride is everything that a bride should be. If I could harness but half of her sass, I would consider myself a lucky and awesome bride indeed. There is quite a bit to be said about sending something as seemingly glitzy as sequins into the simplicity of sunsets and orchards. It makes for a very lovely juxtaposition.

I think I will keep all of this in mind. Thanks to this bride for showing me that your dress can be a very literal extension of your own free spirit.

eb-411 eileenben-246 eb-45 eb-638

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Of Bravery and Foresight

14 Apr bride-blue-white-tulle-classic-car

**Wedding redux**

Not more than five minutes ago, I did something that I would have found inconceivable one year ago: I just declined an admissions offer for a PhD program. Last year, though, I had been rejected to everywhere I applied, so having anyone say yes would have made me jump out of my pants, regardless of whether or not I would have regretted it in the long run.

That whole concept of regret is not something that is often brought up in the grand scheme of wedding planning, but it is definitely one that will likely present itself at one point or another during that process. Hopefully, not with regard to the fiancé. But hey, if you’re with the wrong guy, have the courage to realize that before it is too late. But no, don’t worry, my issues with regret having nothing to do with Nicholas. Instead, it has to do with this ongoing war that has been raging in my head in trying to decide what it is that I really want for my wedding, what I’ve been told that I should be wanting, what I may only want because I see someone else has it, and what I might secretly want but never even thought to consider.

(Follow the jump to read about my regretful predicament with regret…)

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There and Back Again

5 Apr 003$!600x

**Wedding Redux**

Remember my brief love affair with destination weddings? It lasted only about a day, but in that short period of time, I fell in love and I fell hard. I was soon snapped back to reality by Nicholas, who told me that a destination wedding just wasn’t feasible because both of us have family members whose health would prevent them from being able to make long voyages. Apparently, we’ve both been somewhat naive with this. But that naivete may just change everything for the better.

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